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Day 1:


After an hour carefully remove wrapping. Gently cleanse the wound with running tap water and gentle soap, pat dry with a clean towel. Re-wrap with the cling wrap before bed if weeping continues.

Do not cream for the first day.

Avoid wearing tight or wooly clothing during the healing process.

How to: 

Look after your new tattoo.

Day 2:

Remove the bandage, repeat the wash process. Apply the after care cream or antiseptic cream (bepanthen) sparingly on the tattoo, once you've pat dry the area and leave to dry.

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Day 3-14: 

Repeat day 2 process twice a day (am/pm), Try to keep the area clean as possible at all times. Repeat the wash + cream process if the area does become dirty. Avoid UV ray light, swimming and vigorous activity. And as much as you feel like you want to itch, NO scratching or picking!

General After Care: Make sure to keep those tattoos moisturized to ensure your tattoos stay looking fresh.

Good Luck, Enjoy your new tattoo and See you next time! 

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