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Cain Tattoo Studio | Custom Tattoo Artwork in New Zealand


Some of the tattoos and pics from our artist through out the week


Photo credit: Ole Maiava




This exceptional full-sleeve tattoo by Chris just proves that he takes legendary challenges and turns them into a masterpiece. If you are looking for a tattoo artist that will take monumental tattoo design, look no further than Chris. Follow and visit his socials today!



Take a look at the digital art process of Sed in this short video clip. This art is just one of the best masterpieces by Sed. You can see more of it by following @seddraws




In this minimalist tattoo, Flaimee showcases her expertise in creating precise lines. While it may appear simple, only a skilled tattoo artist can achieve the accuracy necessary to make a straight and curved line look seamless.




The ink placement in Kelsey's latest tattoo art is another masterpiece to applaud for in Cain Studio. You can see the expertise in handling the needle in the shading technique in this piece.




The line and minimal ink shading in this Hsin's dragon tattoo is an excellent indication of getting tattoo art for yourself! The accuracy and sharp lines in this piece are one of the reasons why our customers love Hsin tattoo masterpieces. Want to see more of Hsin's tattoo designs? Follow @suedesake today!

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