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Custom Tattoos by Cain Tattoo Studio


Some of the tattoos and pics from our artist through out the week


Photo credit: Ole Maiava




Turn your tattoo vision into reality with Chris's refined tattoo skills. If you are looking for a tattoo artist that understands your idea for a custom tattoo artwork, follow Chris's social at @ct_amosa today!



This impressive skull art by Sed will look striking on the skin. Want this art inked into your skin? Follow Sed at @seddraws!




Thinking of getting an addition to your sleeve tattoos? How about this Low Life, High Hopes word tattoo? See more of Flaimee by visiting @flaimee today!




Kelsey's shading technique in this skull and snake tattoo brings life to the art by creating depth, and is guaranteed to impress tattoo art enthusiasts. Find more tattoo art by Kelsey at @tattoobykelsey today!




Make a statement with Hsin's tattoo skills. The precision and lines in this tattoo are just incredible. Get to know more of Hsin's tattoo art by checking this social @suedesake

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